Our History

Binghamton Hardware Co, Inc. was founded in 1920 by W. Harold Geiser and Orin J. Lockwood Sr. Both men were employed by George Berger Geiser, of Berger Brothers Company in Philadelphia, PA. operating to this day under the name Berger Building Products.

In 1923, they moved to our present location on Eldredge St. in Binghamton, in the old Wells Fargo transfer building. The 4,500 square foot building was a prime location due to its proximity to the railroad, which was used as a vehicle of distribution until the early 1960’s. Currently, the 40,000 square foot plus facility is a prime location due to its proximity to Routes 81, 17 and 88.

Early on, Binghamton Hardware sold many traditional “hardware” type products, but served specialty niches in both roofing materials and warm air heating systems. We supplied many of the cast iron furnaces for the homes of Endicott-Johnson employees, a major source of employment in the Binghamton area until the 1960’s.

In the mid 1970’s W. Harold Geiser and his partner sold the business to Mr. Geiser’s sons, Alan and Douglas. Both sons had been working in the business in a multitude of capacities. In the 1980’s Alan retired and sold his interest to his brother Douglas, and his wife Barbara, who became increasingly active in the business as their twin sons Andrew and Philip, attended grade school.

As Barbara spent more time in the business, her commanding presence took hold and afforded The Company the opportunity to apply for a minority enterprise certification (WBE) status. Today, President and Owner Barbara Geiser, plays a vital role in the day to day operations of the business.

In 1997, Barbara and Douglas’s twin sons, graduated from college and joined the company as full time employees. With the addition of Andrew and Philip, came the addition of a branch operation in Williamsport, Pa. in 1997 and a branch in Sugar Notch, Pa. in 2002. Also in the 1990’s, we changed our name to Binghamton Hardware & HVAC Supply, to more accurately reflect our focus in today’s marketplace.

Though our roots are in forced warm air and roofing products, most of our business today is generated through the manufacture of Spiral Duct, and the distribution of both residential and commercial HVAC products. Our mission is to provide quality products from responsible manufactures at competitive pricing, in addition to providing technical support and customer service surpassed by no one.